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International Society of       Plastination (ISP)

The International Society for Plastination was founded in 1986; the first issue of Journal of the International Society of Plastination appeared in 1987.  In 1996 the first issue of the Current Plastination Index - an index listing all publication dealing with Plastination - was issued and updated in 2000.  The International Society for Plastination is   a multidisciplinary organization, including persons within all fields of science interested in the technique of Plastination more

Plastination Exhibition

Opening february,2006

Daily from 9am to 1pm FREE




Technology of Plastination

In Plastination process, water and lipids in biological tissues are replaced by curable polymers (silicone, epoxy, polyester) which are subsequently hardened, resulting in dry, odorless and durable specimens. The class of polymer used determines the optical (transparent or opaque) and mechanical (flexible or firm) properties of the impregnated specimen.

Silicone 10 technique

Polyester 40 Technique    more

نشرات عربية -  نشرات غير دوريه تصدر عن مشروع البلستكه        إضغط هنا

              International Symposium on Plastination

Zagazig University, February 14-15, 2006   more

History of Plastination

Plastination has been developed for teaching as well as for research. Back in 1977, at the Department of Anatomy of Heidelberg University, Dr. Von Hagens invented Plastination as a groundbreaking technology for preserving anatomical specimens with reactive polymers. The process was patented between 1978 and 1982.

This method has proved to be the superior method for preservation of gross specimen.                                                       more   

Plastination Laboratory 

(Ass. Prof. Dr.  Sora)- The Plastination lab in Zagazig is a well organized lab with a well instructed personal where starters can learn the S10 method. Due to their enthusiastic way of solving problems and the ingenious of the team, even the P40 technique can be performed by using local equipment.

The Plastination Society is honored to have a new lab on the African continent and wishes Prof. Dr. Aly and his team all the best for the future.   more

Photo Gallery

more than 200 specimens




Best photo

 February 14-15,2006   more   

Our project

1- Enhancement of Teaching Anatomy by Plastination

2 -Partners


نشرات عربية -  نشرات غير دوريه تصدر عن مشروع البلستكه        إضغط هنا

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